Reno Bingo

Reno Bingo

If you are visiting Nevada and want to be a part of the famous casino scene but are not a fan of card games or slots, your best bet is to try some Reno bingo. The biggest little city in the world is known for the vibrant nightlife, based largely around casinos which offer a great variety of bingo halls to keep you entertained whilst maybe even winning big. You see, gambling in Reno is as popular as it is in Las Vegas.

The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino offers conventional five line bingo for the first time player or tradition enthusiast, alongside plenty of other games to tempt you. There are bars, lounges, restaurants, and even a shopping centre in case you need help deciding where to spend your winnings, so for bingo in style it’s a good option.

The oldest casino in Reno is the Club Cal Neva, offering a speciality $3.99 steak and eggs and, of course, plenty of bingo. There is also keno available if you are looking for bingo with a twist, as many elements of the two games are similar. Both involve cards with numbers, with the bonus being that you get to pick your own keno numbers – and also that you can win in keno even if you only match one number, depending on the payable you choose out of those provided.

For big wins, head to Terrible’s Sands Regency Casino. Here you can win prizes within the range of $50 to over $5,000, in a bingo hall that seats two hundred players. You can also head over for special events, such as a senior bingo night and the chance to win free plays – so that you can enjoy the thrill of the game without worrying about your outgoings. If you like skiing this is also the place for you, as several packages are offered for you to hit the pistes right after your bingo session finishes.

Of course it is always easier to play Reno bingo whether you are in Reno or not – and even if you are, there is no requirement to leave your hotel room. Online bingo is a huge industry in the gambling world, with many sites dedicated to the game and most net casinos online offering it as part of their services. With so many bingo games just waiting at your fingertips, the only question really is whether you prefer to play with a card and a pen or if watching the numbers flash up and cross themselves off on the screen is enough for you. If you really like the feel and excitement of traditional bingo or even using keno cards, then coming down to Nevada to play Reno bingo can be a really fun experience, making sure that even if you do not win it will not have been a wasted journey as you will surely enjoy yourself. If, however, the electronic world is enough for you, then try the high jackpots offered at the online bingo casinos – perhaps you could even win enough to fund a trip to Reno anyway!

To give you some advice on where to start, perhaps you could take a look at Diamond Bingo in order to begin. Diamond Bingo is a brand which is closely associated with big deals and great opportunities to save cash, and so you can be sure that there will be cheap games here offering really big wins – and even the chance to get a lot of great offers for free. One of the things that they give you when you first sign up and make a deposit is £10 off your next shopping, so you can start saving money right away – and this will certainly help you to start putting together that fund which will take you to Reno in the near future. With regular big cash games that you can check in to when you are online at the right times, as well as a calendar of special events waiting to go, the chances to win big here are good enough for anyone.

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